English IV ver 7

This course is a survey course which traces the development of American literature from early Native American myths to modern authors of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.  The course also presents an insight into the history and philosophy prevalent during each literary period.  The student will be able to understand the various literary selections, not only in terms of literary terms and styles, but also in terms of the historical/philosophical background.  The student will also learn a variety of vocabulary words.

 This unit accompanies the reading of the short nonfiction novel Night by Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel. Freshmen English students will benefit twofold in their study of Weisel's personal account of the atrosities of the Holocaust.  Not only will they experience a very straightforward, yet poignant memoir of the author's tragic years growing up Jewish in wartorn Europe, they will also gain exposure to the unforgiveable and unforgetable time period in history that was the Holocaust.